Individual lessons are available for people with specific interests or needs where the advantages of working individually would be more beneficial. Here time can be given to your direction in developing a practice appropriate to your lifestyle and interest.

Yoga was often taught on an individual basis and this is still seen as an important way to explore Yoga. Whether your need is exercise, learning postures or breathing patterns, needing a practice for meditation, or therapy or a practice tailored to your energy and aims; one to one lessons offer this possibility with time for discussing your hopes and issues around the questions of practice and what you wish to change.



Individual lessons also provide an opportunity to adapt the Yoga practice. A practice is designed to use at home. It can vary from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on its role and how much time the student is willing to make available. Typically, it is around 25 to 45 minutes. The teacher guides the student through the practice, carefully ensuring that it meets their needs and that they are comfortable with the structure and forms used.

    The frequency and overall span of the lessons can vary according to the needs and concerns of the student. The first consultation usually last an hour and a half, allowing time for an initial assessment Subsequent lessons are usually one hour.

    Initially, a student will meet with the teacher every 2 to 3 weeks. However, as they become familiar with Yoga, this can reduce to 5 to 6 weeks.


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