Vedic Chanting is a meditative practice from the rich tradition of Indian spiritual practices. It integrates body, voice, mind and emotions in the quest for unity with the source from which sound originates.

It is called adhyayanam and is the art of listening and learning to recite with attention and care and a deep involvement of head, heart and body in the outcome.

The benefits include refining the ability to learn to listen, thus enhancing attention, memory, patience and confidence around the use of our voice.



Arising out of Vedic chant is the possibility of inner silence, both during the practice itself because of the degree of involvement required, and  in the stillness afterwards..

In a similar way to Yoga practice, regular Vedic chant practice can lead the student to:

  • Experience more the intimate relationship between our body, breath, voice and mind.
  • Develop a state of attention that allows space for reflection and self-inquiry.
  • Access a therapy to support our sense of well being and mental focus.


Personal tuition allows students to study at their own level and speed, and to use traditional and modern approaches. Individual lessons can form the basis of developing a personal practice.

Group classes (held monthly) allow the student to experience Vedic Chanting, learn and develop chanting and listening skills. (See the Workshops/Seminars page for dates)

Study Courses allow structured study of the basic principles and practice of Vedic Chanting.

Retreats provide time-out to undertake more in-depth study of Vedic Chant and spend some quiet meditative time in a peaceful environment.



Chant Retreat 2007 at Whaley Hall

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Vedic Chanting Retreat - Lincoln 2006

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